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Below are a few of the questions most frequently asked to Ghapro in the past years.  Is the question you wanted to ask not mentioned?  You can do one thing:

Find out yourself!

Prostitution is a social phenomenon, so there are hundreds of books, reference works and articles written about this topic.  Surf on the Internet or go to the library and discover a world of information.  Stay critical because there is a lot of nonsense written about prostitution and not all web sites are reliable!


1. Why do women work as prostitutes?

There are certainly many more reasons!

2. Are women who work as prostitutes forced to do this?

3. Which types of prostitution are there?

4. What is the most frequent age category?

5. Is prostitution admitted under Belgian law?

6. Are there also men who work as prostitutes?

7. Does male prostitution mainly occur in the gay scene? Can men who work as prostitutes be heterosexual?

8. What is the marital status of prostitutes?

9. Does the partner or family know about the prostitution?

10. What is a pimp?

11. Are there also female pimps?

12. How can a prostitute get in touch with Ghapro?

13. Do only female sex workers work behind windows?

14. Are there also female clients who visit the Schipperskwartier?

15. Is it easy to stop working as a prostitute? Why is it easy/not easy?

No, it is not easy.  There are several obstacles if you want to leave prostitution:

16. Why does a sex worker want to stop working as a prostitute?

These are but a few examples, there are also many other reasons.

17. Why, when and who founded Ghapro?

In 1999, the Antwerp University (the Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccinations) started a pilot project.  This project studied the preventive health care for sex workers in the province of Antwerp.  Because there was a need for an organization that continuously offered these services, Ghapro was founded in 2002.

18. Why would anyone go to Ghapro rather than visit the family doctor?

19. What happens when a prostitute gets pregnant (wanted or unwanted pregnancy)?

Sex workers can ask a pregnancy test at Ghapro.